They have made deluxe gopher an inferior product

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I am a handicap person and a poor one.I have to rely on someone having to reach for me or use a "go for" device....It seems that the Deluxe Gopher is sold all over the I first saw the Deluxe gopher and within 3 days the screw and suction cup fell off.

I had my son fix it but it fell off soon after that.

I have bought 5 or 6 hoping and expecting that wouldn't keep breaking but they have broken at the same place 20 dollars is a lot of money to me.

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Me too also have had the suction cups come off MANY MANY times. I think that the suction cups with the screw studs as part of of the unit and a captive nut used to secure the suction cup is the best solution.

to apple Jack #674605

As an exterminator, I use gopher II to pick up mousetraps with all day long.It is not designed for commercial use, however, I applied 2 wood screws (one in each suction cup), then slapped a piece of electrical tape over it, and it works.

Not pretty, but as long as it does the job.:p

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